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Dating on snap chat

Dating on snap chat

When it comes to dating apps and social media, you might be asking yourself if you should add your Tinder match on Snapchat before you've even met, too. Unless you want to come off as a stage five clinger, don't smash that follow or like button until you've actually followed or liked your crush IRL So here are some reasons why adding your Tinder match on Snapchat is not a good idea.

You're just going to keep up dating on snap chat their brunches and dumb stories on Instagram and Snapchat forever? Plus, following too early can lead to things like zombieing, benching, and cushioning, where your crush could disappear from your life IRL, but still remain ever present on social media outlets — like Snapchat — only to confuse you and lead you on.

It Might Be Unsafe I don't use Snapchat because I am an older millennial in my 30s, gross but can't you, like, pretty much tell someone's exact location now with SnapMap?

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