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What to do with clingy men on dating sites

What to do with clingy men on dating sites

Every time you bring up even the mere thought of going something without them, they freak. According to Martinez, a clingy partner will often spend much of the link spent away from their SO worrying about what their doing.

In fact, it almost always ends with them having a broken heart, and having to come back around to their friends begging for forgiveness for going MIA for ages. According to AJ Harbinger, the CEO and co-founder of The Art of Charm — a site led by a team of lifestyle and dating coaches — those who are needy in relationships tend to not spend time with their friendsand rather only wish to spend time with their SO.

According to POPSUGAR's relationship authority, those who are clingy are likely to hold back their true thoughts and feelings on things in a relationship for fear of doing anything at all that could turn their partner away.

In any relationship, all of us expect a certain amount of reassurance that our partner loves us, but clingy partners take this to the extreme. If these points are resonating with you all too clearly but you still want to continue the relationship, there are things you can do to better the situation.