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Dating a girl who loves to otk spank

Dating a girl who loves to otk spank

It's horrible and the abuse and lack of affection will slowly eat at you. It really sucks because despite you giving your best and loving her, she will inevitably view you as the bad person and discard you without remorse. Date taller girl? cake1. If you're male then would you be okay with dating a woman who is taller than you even when she's barefoot?

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Dating a girl who loves to otk spank. See, that's what the app is perfect for. The Kinky Blogger Who Gets 'Maintenance Spankings'. Women Being Spanked In. Are you naturally dominant? Do you enjoy OTK spanking and other forms of CP? If so you may be of some use to me and I'd like to hear from. There are dozens of flippant answers to that question, ranging from 'powerful' to ' abusive'. For people who are not driven by a fetish, it is.